About 5Elementos

Who are we? 

Themed as So-Cal Mexican-style cuisine, we differentiate by using organic, Non-GMO ingredients to create dishes that set us apart from generic Mexican restaurants. All menu options begin as appealing "vegan first" dishes, which can be upgraded with a choice of healthy animal or vegan proteins - "protein friendly." Distributed from local farms to ensure freshness and quality, our organic ingredients will support and promote growth with our local farmers. The concept is to promote unity as the "vegan first, protein friendly" model provides a space for patrons of various dietary requirements to meet, eat, and enjoy in harmony. 

With an emphasis on strengthening our "community" we are trying to promote the unification of vegan/ vegetarian eaters and their counterparts, the meat eaters. With the options given throughout our menu, we want to provide a safe space and also bring about a "discovery" of the following facts: 

1. Vegan food is delicious, and animal products are not needed to consume a protein-packed meal. 

2. It's okay and easy for our plant based eaters to enjoy a meal with their neighbors who enjoy animal proteins. 

5 Elementos conveys the idea that we are all one, and how everything we consume is taken from the Earth. The name "5 Elementos" comes from the five Earth elements - Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, and Aether - as all these elements come together to create our beautiful world.  In the same way, all these elements come together to help make our wonderful cuisine. With any of these elements missing, the other four would not exist. At 5 Elementos, we strive to bring members of the community together (Vegans and Non-Vegans alike), and stress the importance of working together to co-exist on this planet we call "home".


5 Elementos is a fast casual dining experience with a friendly, upbeat atmosphere, and outstanding service. Patrons of all culinary preferences can enjoy delicious food harmoniously under one roof, promoting the opportunity to understand each other a little better and to support our local community.